Maui Travel Planner & Visitor Guides (2024)

Maui Travel Planner & Visitor Guides (1)

2024Maui Travel Guides

When to Visit... Weather, and more...



Don't miss out on our inside Maui knowledge, tips, and recommendations.

We've included a lot of pertinent information for Maui that should help you plan the perfect trip! Our planners areupdated twice a year (or more) to ensure they'reentirely up to date with the latest Maui details and information. Below, we'll review in more detail what our updated Maui Travel guidesincludes...

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Thesenew Maui travel guides contain20visual pages (in the Introduction guide) and almost 40 visual pages (in the Essentialguide)of pertinent Hawaii travel informationto assist in planning your perfect Hawaii trip. There's lots of good Maui information + maps, weather charts, hotel pricing graphics, and more - ideal for thosewho are just getting started planning theirtrip to Maui.

There are alsoNO advertisem*ntsor paid product placements within theseplanners.

Intro & Highlights Guide

- 20 Pages -

Maui Essential Guide

- 40 Pages -

Where to Stay on Maui Guide

Maui is a destination that attracts a unique mix of tourists from all over the world. There are resorts and hotels all over the island, but there are also many free-standing hotels and vacation rentals, which allow you to choose from a wide range of accommodations. We provide a list of these top favorable destinations according to popularity.

Our Where to Stayguide will highlight the best places to stay in Maui and the best parts of Maui. Maui offersseveral favorable areas for different types of vacationers.

Maui Essential Guide

Details on Maui's Weather & Climate plus When to Visit

Know what you're likely to experience weather-wise on your trip by reading through our Hawaii Weather summary. Our weather information additionally includes a rainfall map, a precipitation chart (for each month of the year), and a high/low-temperature graph/chart so you can plan accordingly for your trip.

Wondering what the hotel prices will be during the weeks of your visit? Look no further; we've got you covered with our Maui Hotel Price averages graphic that provides insight into what pricing you can expect at different times throughout the year.

We've also covered the Best Time to Visit, including a graph showing the monthly visitor statistics for the island.

Maui Highlights Guide
Maui Essential Guide

BEST TIME to... Maui FAQ

When is the best time for good weather? How about when to avoid crowds? Or when exactly is the best time to book your trip to Maui? We've covered each of these questions and several others in our Best Time to.... Maui FAQ.

Discover which time of the year is the best time to visit for local festivals and eventsor when hiking conditions are prime for hitting Maui's incredible plethora of trails. We've also covered when to go whale watching, take a Hawaii cruise, and much more.

Maui Essential Guide

Detailed Overview of Maui's Regions

Learn more about each of the regions onMaui in our detailed region section.

This section covers the basic geography of the island, the top attractions within each region, along with tips on the best nearby attractions.

Maui Introduction Guide
Maui Essential Guide

Top Local Grindz - Best Eats

Sun, sand, and surf are not all Hawaii is known for. Sure, we travel to islands for a restfultime that will incorporate all these things, but you gotta eat too, right?Hawaii certainly doesn’t let us down on that issue. Hawaii, and Maui more specifically, offers some of the best culinary experiences in the world.

In this section, we cover some of our favorite places for authentic Hawaii food, the best 'ono grindz (delicious food) that can be found on the island.

Maui Essential Guide

Maui Road & Beach Maps + more

Our travel guides wouldn't be complete without detailedMaui Road Maps. For theseupdated planners, we've included our famous Road to Hana (Hana Highway) map.

We've additionally included Beach Maps, so you can quickly and easily determine which beaches are best to visit during your trip, not to mention which are closest to your Maui resort or hotel.

For our Maui Essentials Guide, we've included several bonusregionalmaps to help provide more insight into Maui's most popular areas.

Maui Highlights Guide
Maui Essential Guide

Discover Maui's Top Attractions

We've covered thetop attractions on Maui in detail, including how to visit them and where each attraction is located on the island.

Photos and details are provided for each top attraction, so you can quickly decide which sights, beaches, and/or hiking trails are best for you during your visit.

Maui Highlights Guide
Maui Essential Guide

Select a Maui Travel Guide

Intro & Highlights Guide

- 20 Pages -

Maui Essential Guide

- 40 Pages -

Digital Hawaii Travel Guides

Island Highlights Visitor Planners

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Maui Travel Planner & Visitor Guides (2024)


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